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Join the LifePoint Family

Looking to jump on board for the first time or continue partnering with us? Start here.


We like to call the members of LifePoint Church "partners," because we believe that our members are actively partnering with us to love like Jesus, share like Jesus, and live like Jesus in our community.

By becoming a partner at LifePoint Church, you are:

  • Confirming your belief in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior

  • Confirming your agreement with LifePoint Church's Statement of Doctrine

  • Confirming your commitment to the following Partnership Responsibilities:

  1. Regularly attending Sunday gatherings

  2. Being a committed member of a LifePoint community

  3. Serving as a volunteer in one of our volunteer teams

  4. Regularly giving your tithes and offerings


StartingPoint is an introductory class to LifePoint's purpose and plan, and provides attendees with action steps to further pursue becoming a LifePoint partner.

StartingPoint classes are held on the first Sunday of every month. Sign up below for our next class.

  • Collins Children's Home
    The Collins Children's Home & Family Ministries is a Christian-based organization that provides care to needy children and families through residential home care, counseling, and family outreach. Visit their website:
  • Ripple of One
    Ripple of One serves disadvantaged families in Oconee and Pickens Counties who are battling generational poverty and receiving government assistance by providing mentoring, guidance, instruction, and incentives to celebrate progress. Visit their website:
  • Christ Central Ministries
    Christ Central Ministries is a non-profit organization that seeks to serve the people of South Carolina by meeting their needs and sharing the truth of the gospel. Visit their website:
  • Golden Corner Food Pantry
    The Golden Corner Food Pantry is the largest food pantry in Oconee County, serving over 3,000 disadvantaged people each month with emergency and supplemental food supplies. As a 501c3 organization, the Golden Corner Food Pantry works closely with local churches, civic organizations, and other charities in Oconee County to identify and include needy families. Depending on availability, a typical distribution includes a balanced mixture of canned food and staples, fresh breads, fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats. The 'Daily Food' Program helps families and single mothers transition through unexpected events and periods of unemployment. Similarly, the 'Food for Seniors' Program provides senior citizens with sufficient and balanced food to improve their quality of life. Visit their website:
  • Foothills Care Center
    The Foothills Care Center exists to glorify God, the Creator, by protecting and promoting the value of all human life. They offer hope through Jesus’ love, healing through spiritual and emotional support, and help through medical and educational services. The Foothills Care Center is a nonprofit organization that provides a safe, confidential, and loving place for families facing unplanned pregnancy. Visit their website:
  • Recovery Station
    The Recovery Station is a recovery center in Seneca, SC, that seeks to make Oconee County a healthier place to live by providing various addictions programs for those in need. Visit their website:
  • Fostering Faithfully
    Fostering Faithfully is a faith-based non-profit organization that encourages and equips foster families and the children they love. Visit their website:
  • Shade Tree Ministries
    Shade Tree Ministries exists to reach thousands of people for the cause of Christ by providing a place of care and rest for ministry, community, educational, and business leaders. Visit their website:
  • The Dream Center
    The Dream Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves those in need with a hand up instead of a hand out by empowering them to grow towards becoming healthy and self-sufficient. Visit their website:
  • Financial Partners
    LifePoint has several financial partners that essentially pool resources together to help those in financial need. For more information about these partners or to request financial assistance, please fill out the form above or viit us at our church offices Monday-Thursday between 9 AM and 1 PM.
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